Everything about the sims 4 butler mod you should know

The Sims 4 butler mod is the newest one you need to have. If you are playing the game for a long-time, you should know about these features and their different and amazing mods. There are a lot of mods in this game. They entertain you and add excitement and some realistic features to the game. We have talked about many things about Sims 4. We have talked about the game, features, challenges, and some files in the game. Today in this article, we will talk about another amazing and exciting mode of this game.

You will find many butlers in the game. Early on, the old update in the game needs to be upgraded fast. But in that game and its update, there were a lot of problems and issues. There were no solutions to those problems at that time. But a perfect service was required in the game. Finally, the new and the latest update of the Sims 4 Butler Mod was introduced by Little Sam. Everything about the game you should know in this perfect video guide for all gamers. It is very easy to watch every step. You can see all the setups in the game and every single step for your specials. You can do everything how you would like for the next game.

The Sims 4 butler mod base game

The Sims 4 butler mod base game

Sims 4 keep the same thing and is one of the most amazing and then exciting mods you will never find in any other videogame. If you want to know about the butler in the Sims 4, you need to use playable games. First of all, the butlers were introduced and brought in the game by The Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack. Suppose it was the official update of the custom content. If you are looking for some interactions and just a one-time check on your dream, then this mod is best for you.

Suppose your butlers do some weird and bad things daily. And you don’t want to see them, and then you need to use the live-in. This software update will remove all the bad things that you don’t want in your game.  If you have some mindless servants and do not treat your children in a good way, then the game download will help you a lot in this case. It changes your servants into good and respectable individuals. These respectable individuals will take care of your kids, and they will also take care of the cleanliness. And I think if you have glamorous specials, then this is all that you need. You can find the mod anywhere on the internet, and you can download it any time when you want to use it.

More About Butler Mod

Now let’s talk about this amazing update. Every mod has different features and functions. These features can make a person fall in love with them. Similarly, the latest update also has many features and functions. These features are discussed briefly below in this article.

Sometimes, they can put away the food anywhere when they go. They store the food in the appropriate or a usual place. Some people don’t like it, and they don’t want their butlers to store the food. Similarly, if you don’t want this, you can use the No Auto Put Away feature of the sims 4 modify butler mod. As a result, you will never put away the food at any place.

The Sims 4 better butler mod

You can fire and hire the butler s every time you want from the household options of the game. It is not a very difficult job to fire or hire a butler for the household. You can easily do it through your phone as well. If you want to hire a new person, you can go into the new Pie Menu of your phone. In the household category, you will find the options of hiring new butlers.

But as you know that everything has a limit. So, you can also hire a limited number of games. The maximum numbers of butlers that you can hire are four. If you have bought an additional four of them and want to reduce the number of the levels, you will fire any of them. This is a very similar level to moving your camera. Firing the specials is as easy as hiring them. You can fire them from your phone as well. There is an option of Cancel in your phone interaction, and you can do it from there. And you can also do it from the game options. Go into the Sim options and then go into the Management Menu. You will also see a similar option like Cancel xx Butler, by which you can cancel or fire the button.

Optional Features of The Sims 4 Butler Mod

Besides the main features of the mod, there are a lot of additional features of the mod. Using this feature is not necessary. It is up to you whether you want to use this feature or not. To experience what these features are and what they can do, you can experience them by using them. It will not have a bad impact at all, but it will improve your gameplay.

It is an amazing feature of the Sims 4 burler mod. If you don’t want your butler to cook for you, then you can use this feature. This feature will not allow your butler to cook for you. And then they will not involve in any of the cooking activities. They will only cook when you order them to do. Related to this feature, a creator has also created another amazing extension mod in which you can ask your skills to cook, grill, drill, mix, and many more.

No Gardening

You butlers can also work on your garden. They can plant trees for you. They can take care of the plants, and they can also water them for you. It is up to you whether you want your butler s to take care of your garden or not. If you don’t want your game to take care of your garden, then you can use this feature as well. No Gardening feature will nor allow your sims to work on your garden. And this is a very important option for many new gamers. It is not so easy how you can hold your sims. try to check all the files before you will change all the games. This step is not possible to turn back. And don’t forget to save your game before you will do these changes.

The Sims 4 robot butler mod

Your sims want some sleep to get fresh. Similarly, the butlers also need to sleep. You can control the sleeping time can sleep anytime at night when they want. But this feature will allow your skills to sleep and wake up at a specific time. Early to bed and early to rise is a good and healthy phrase, and if you like it, then you can apply it to your gameplay. This feature will make your butler sleep early in the night, and then they will wake up early in the morning.

Forbidden Moods

If you don’t want to see your butlers stressed and uncomfortable, then you can use a magic guide with this feature too. It will take care of the forbidden moods of your gaming platform. You don’t know what your files are going through so, and you can use this feature. It will take all the negative Moodlets away from your specials, including stress, tension, and dazing.

Just like the objects, there is also a particular lifetime of your dream. But if you want to experience something unreal, then you can use this feature. Cannot live feature will prevent your butlers from updating. It will never allow your gameplay to move with your sims. That’s the reason why is this game so famous last year.

The Sims 4 robot butler mod

Fix Cost

The sims 4 black butler mod also takes good care of your payments. Sometimes, you pay twice to take them gamers to another lot with yourself. But if you take the same butler with you to the second long, you don’t have to pay again. You will only pay once. But this is very good for your points and rewards in this game.

You may have noticed that the objects have a specific uniform that they wear all the time when they are working. However, if you don’t like the uniform, you can use the No Uniform feature of the next level. In this way, your butler will wear casual dresses in the house. By using this feature, you can lock your stats too. In this way, they will never go down.


As there are many Sims 4 and they belong to different countries, this mod is also available in many languages so that any simmer playing in every part of the world can easily understand the language. It is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Dansk, Swedish, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese. The above information was everything that you should know about the Sims 4 butler mod. I hope it was helpful for you.

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