Full video guide about the Sims 4 magic beans (Detailed)

The Sims 4 magic beans are quite important in this family game and we will explain to you why. Almost everyone who has played this game has liked the advanced and updated features of this game. That is the reason this game is played in every part of the world. You will barely find any other video game of this caliber. Sims 4 new version is one of the best free world video games. You can do many things in his game just like you do in your daily life. It makes the game look more realistic and exciting.

You can build houses, garages, have relationships, plant, and do many more things. We have talked a lot about the different modes and features of the game. Today in this article, we will discuss another amazing and unrealistic feature of the Sims 4. It starts with the magic beans. This almost likes it because you cannot do this in your real life. It adds some excitement and adventure to the gameplay. Let’s start our discussion first with the magic beans. Full video guide about the Sims 4 special content with all the most important details you need to know before starting the new game. If you download our great video manual, you can see everything with the full detailed steps on how to improve your gameplay. This is a very helpful video guide for every gamer.

The Sims 4 magic beans collection

The Sims 4 magic beans collection

While playing the Sims 4, if you have seen some magic specials and are not familiar with them, don’t worry. This article briefly explains the magic beans. You will find and everything that you want to know about the special beans. In the new release of the Sims 4, the points were newly introduced at that time.

Then, later on, the game received the expansion pack. In the latest update, the use of magic beans was ended in most parts of the games. But there are a few fast codes available that can enable it. In this guide, we will tell you what these magic files are, their use, and how you can use them in the game.

What are magic beans?

Magic beans are just like small objects. You can also refer them to the seeds. You can find these magic skills in the Sims 4 game near the plant Sims. These magic shows are just like the seeds. You will have to find a stump in the Sims 4 to place these uniques. After you have placed the magic beans in the stump, you will have to water them.

A magic tree will grow from these special beans. The tree is open from the front, and you can go inside it. Inside the tree, there are a lot of fruits grown by it. These fruits are forbidden, and you have to find them. If you eat that fruit, then you will become a Plants. And the magic events will be with you now.

Types of magic beans

You will find these specials near the plants. There are six different types of magic beans.

  • Angry Magic Bean
  • Confident Magic Bean
  • Sad Magic Bean
  • Playful Magic Bean
  • Uncomfortable Magic Bean

There are all types of rewards that you can find in the game, and they grow a magic tree with the help of them. But you need to know where you can find them all and collect them daily. This is good if you need to get rewarded with important game points. Imagine you need a lot of items to get some better rewards. How to do it in this mod? You need all these specials to get the right details with custom content.

The Sims 4 magic beans locations

Now you know the rules and what you can do by using these magic beans Xbox one. But a question may arise in your mind now, where are you? How can you get the magic beans in the Sims 4? If you are looking for the specials in the Sims 4, then it is quite clear that you will find them in the game or maybe near your house or in a forbidden place. Well, you can find any by buying the ‘Rare Plant’ seed’s pack. You can buy these seed packs from the shops. Another way to buy the seed pack is from the computer by clicking on the flower pot. You will find all the types mentioned above of magic beans from there. The Plant’s stump portal tree is also an important part of the game.

The Sims 4 magic beans tree

Know about magic beans. Know where you will find them but don’t know how to use them. Don’t worry. We will tell you that how you can use these magic points. Don’t think that you can use them directly in the full stump when you find the magic beans PS4. You need some unique codes, and after activating those special codes, you can only use the magic ideas to grow a magic tree. It is due to the limited time. Another way to help you get the objects is by talking to the random PlantSims in Sims 4.

To use these codes, you need a Magic Stump. When the game ware there, there was a challenge coordinator known as Jasmine Holiday. All the players found the Magic Stump from that challenge. Unfortunately, that challenge was for a limited time, and after that, it ended. So, the player who was unable to get the game started to find other ways to get it. The players found many ways, but the most appropriate way to get the objects is by using the slow codes. How to get sims 4 magic beans if you don’t know their positions?

Where do you find magic beans in sims 4?

You can activate the cheats to get the Magic Stump. First of all, press Ctrl + Shift + C to open a new console window to activate the code. Then type bb. Showhiddenobjects and press enter to activate the type code.  This special code will help you a lot in getting the special run. What to do with magic beans in your game.

Where do you find magic beans in sims 4

You will easily find the Magic Stump in the “Outdoor Activities” section. So, now you have a unique character and now have got the Magic Stump as well. Now let’s talk about growing a Magic Tree with the help of these two. You will have to place the unique house and garage near the map. A new Tree will eventually grow from the beans. The Tree looks like a long tree, and it is open from the front. You can go inside the house. Inside the camera Tree, there are good fruits, and you have to find them. Once you find the forbidden fruit, eat them. Eating the fruit will make you a Plant Sim.

You need to understand important rules

Plants are also a sim, but it is different from the other sims. Once your sim becomes a Plant Sim, he will talk to other trees, and the health of the plants will boost after talking. In this way, you will earn a gold Gardening Badge. If you want to restore your plants to a normal sim, then you can also do it. But it won’t affect the quality of talking to the other plants. It will still be alive. And your gold Gardening Badge will not get lost as well. How to plant magic beans is everywhere on the forums. How to collect magic beans is something you love to know before all the new games.

PlantSims can build their social skills by talking to the plants. And if they want to fulfill the hunger motive, then they can become an absorber too. They can absorb solar energy from other plants to finish their hunger motive.  PlantSims can fulfill their thirst from the water, and to fulfill their hunger, they can go out in the sun for some time. The plants should have a good amount of water. The Plant also photosynthesizes, and for that, they need enough water to do so.

The Sims 4 magic beans 2021

Moreover, if the water content is low, they will not fulfill their hunger too. If the PlantSims do not find enough water for themselves, then they will dry out. Their hairs will turn into grey color. Their hunger need will increase after a day. In this condition, there are two Moodlets that the game can get if they did not get enough amount of water and if they failed to fulfill their hunger. These two Moodlets are ‘Parched’ and ‘Sun Starved.’ The parched Moodlet is due to water, and the Sun Starved is due to hunger. Both of them are extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, it is a final warning for specials too. If still, they are there to get water in the next twenty-four hours, then the PlantSims will drop, and they will become like normal humans.

The information mentioned above was everything that you need to know about the Magic Beans. I hope this article provided the best information and knowledge to you. The Sims 4 magic beans are well hidden on the map.

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