All the Sims 4 tattoos you will love (Helpful Examples)

The Sims 4 tattoos are nice custom content in this game. Do you want some hot pictures on your sims skin? If yes, you can enjoy the sims 4 tattoos mod in which you can have brilliant and amazingly designed items on the skins of your sims. In the Sims 4 game, you can not only create a sim, but you can apply different hairstyles, customs, and on their skins as well. The tattoos mod adds some realistic features to the game and makes it look more realistic.

Now you may be wondering, how can you get them in the sims 4 games? If you are looking for answers to this question, luckily, you are at the right place. You can get all the styles by using tattoos cc. Different types of mods are also available to help you a lot in providing sims with creative body art. You don’t need to search for websites to look for your right style. This article briefly explains different types of tattoo sets that you can easily have in sims 4. But we recommend you to download the special ultimate video guide with all and step by step tutorial on how to get them all in this great game. Just download the pack and check the full video tutorial. It is very easy to understand with game implementation.

All the Sims 4 tattoos you can see in the game

All the Sims 4 tattoos you can see in the game

There are hundreds of different mods that can provide you hundreds of different tattoo sets. Some hot sets that you can easily have in the sims 4 are given below. These images are created with some realistic features that will help you add realism to the game. Moreover, it will also make your sims look more attractive. If you are a picture lover, then this mod will be best for you. All the content you will love in this game with helpful examples. You can see it all way in the video guide for this game. And you need to see that there are many types of all the different and very interesting styles. I am sure you will choose the best for your sims. The list of some tattoos is given below:

Chinese style

Let’s start our list with Chinese. All the player from China loves the set of Chinese face tattoos pack. This set is made for women. Chinese Tattoo is also a trend in real life. So, if you want a good set good, try this one. It is just like ink on the bodies. Some Chinese words are written on the bodies of the sims that is called a nightcrawler Chinese Tattoo. Five Chinese words are used in these words. Five Chinese words mean love, girl, cry, laugh, and happy. You can download the sets of these items and apply them to your sims.

The Sims 4 tattoos mod

The second one on our list is the Arm Tattoo. From the name, it is clear that you can only apply this to the arms. Some people don’t like small tattoos maxis match because they are so dull. So, sims 4 tattoos cc include long sets for the Arm that will never disappoint you. This set will attract everyone. Two different and long arm designs are eye-catching. It is not available in dull black ink, but it is also available in variable colors. These sets or Arm styles are perfect for both men as well women.

The Sims 4 tattoos cc folder

This set of tattoos custom content is one of the sexiest and hot in sims 4. You can find many sets for your sims in the game, but you won’t find one like this one. Thanks to Trillyke, who has created this wonderfully designed set. It is an underbody tattoo that you can apply under the chest of the alpha cc female sims pack. It has a great architectural design. With more than two hundred thousand downloads, this tattoo set is best in the sims 4. It gives a more accurate and artistic look to your sim. There are ten different designed styles available in the set.

Rose flowers

Have you seen a rose flower? If yes, then it will be one of your favorite flowers. Rose flower is thereby many people all around the globe. And in sims 4, there are many players that like rose flower. Imagine having a rose flower printed on your Arm. Yes, it is not impossible, as Leyzi has created an incredible tattoo of rose design. It is one of the most popular tattoo designs. The design of this Tattoo includes three rose flowers. In the middle of these flowers, there is a clock. The clock is thereby all three roses, which is a fabulous creation by Leyzi. It will give a significant and attractive look to your left Arm.

Artsy Sims 4 Tattoo CC

Artsy Sims 4 Tattoo CC is truly eye-catching. The set of this cc includes four different designs. Firstly, there is a cross that s for the face. You can apply it anywhere on the face. Secondly, there is an owl tattoo that is only for the chest. It is a good design in such a way that it seems like an owl flying with both wings open view. The third one is the skull tattoo like a skull, and you can have it on one of your arms. The last is the Thug Life car tattoo that you can have on the lower abdomen. Thug life is with dull black ink in a stylish font. All the harry styles pictures in this set can be there for males and females. This set is also good and you can download by many times in the game.

Traditional Colors

When we talk about the full-body, then Traditional Color Tattoo would be worth mentioning. It is one of the most artistic and unique style tattoos set that you can have for you male or female sim. The players have downloaded it more than one hundred and fifty thousand times. Moreover, it is a full body starting from the neck and ending at the lower portion of the legs. It is in dull black, but there are many colors like red, yellow, and orange in this special. If you want a full body for your sim, then this sims 4 tattoo set is the best.

The Sims 4 tattoos mod

Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn female Tattoo pack

Are you a Suicide Squad fan? You should get excited as the sims 4 tattoos male cc has also introduced a Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Tattoo. Ami Swift creates it. It is just like the one the body of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. So, if you are Margot Robbie’s big fan, then you must try this special to make your sim look like Harley Quinn. You can only use it for females. If you remember the movie you are in the right place here with these styles. We have tons of the right pictures for every sim hero. You can choose your own ornaments you want. It is not hard but you need to list many pictures before you put them on the sims.

Joker Face male

We have just mentioned a Harley Quinn Tattoo above. We will introduce you to The Joker tattoo made by Venus-Allure, inspired by the movie The Joker. The Joker was a famous villain in the film. How to get objects on his body fast. Similarly, Venus-Allure has also designed The Joker for the sims 4 users. It is also a full-body tattoo starting from the face and ending at the legs. The set includes both back and front design ornaments. To give your sim a Joker kind of look, you must try this tattoo set once.

Full Sleeves ornaments

The ninth one on our list is the full sleeves tattoo. If you are looking for the full sleeves tattoo in sims 4, don’t waste your time searching. Download the styles Full Sleeves set of images and enjoy all the artistic lifespan designs. Oriental, Polynesian, Traditional, and Contemporary are the four different artistic designs present in this set. All these designs are for the arms, starting from the shoulders and ending at the wrists. If you want to give a hot look to your male sim, use this one.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos

Inspired by a famous series, Game of Thrones Sims CC maker Jupe has created another fantastic and artistic set of picks called Game of Thrones House Sigil resource tattoos. If you have watched the famous series Game of Thrones, then you might be aware of some signs of the houses in the series. The set consists of all designs that resemble the signs of nine great houses of GoT. The name of that particular house is also there under the sign in the Tattoo. This set is mainly using on the backs. So, if you are looking for back functions, this set will work best for you. The Sims 4 tattoos in the game are something that can improve your sims to look much better. Hope you enjoy this cool content.

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